Gib Gas, Bertram!

HamsterradDamit der Hamster nicht den ganzen Tag gelangweilt auf seinem Apfel rumkauen oder sich zu immer gleichen Runden im Hamsterrad motivieren muss, gibt es jetzt den “Critter Cruiser” und den dazugehörigen “Hamtrack”. Das Hamsterrad ist in ein Auto eingebaut, die Bewegung des Hamsters treibt das Auto an und Bertram (oder wie auch immer der kleine Liebling heißen mag) fährt über eine Schiene eine Strecke durch die Wohnung ab. Ob das nun Spass für alle Beteiligten oder einfach nur Tierquälerei ist, soll hier nicht weiter erörtert werden. Hier geht’s lang.

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  • Rebeca am 29.01.2015 um 8:33 Uhr

    You seem to simply be sanyig that one has a right to be irrational and to hold fast to a worldview that encourages and reinforces a belief in the irrational. This argument might at first seem to be one that promotes tolerance and a respect for mankind’s diversity. However this view is itself irrational. Naturally, we all live with a degree of uncertainty in our lives, however, believing that a god can move mountains is not the same as believing that an atom bomb can move mountains; not only can it move the mountain, it can literally blast it to kingdom come Believing that a god can move mountains has no precedent (as far as I know!), no logical method for arriving at that understanding and no process by which that end result can be achieved. One might as well believe in magic. Therefore to promote a world view where the ability to have faith in such magical occurances is not only considered possible but also a virtue is not only delusional but also ultimately divisive. Divisive because each of the world’s established systems of faith maintain that their brand of magic is the one true brand and the others are at best misguided.While at this point I don’t care to argue whether or not an adult should have the right to hold a worldview based on faith, I do however think it is important to highlight the dangers that mankind faces from holding on to these primitive beliefs. A worldview based on faith is not only about a belief in gods, it also shapes our attitude towards other man-made systems such as capitalism and the economic system based on the free market . Ironically it is the most scientifically advanced country in the world that not only maintains but also actively promotes the universal acceptance of these systems, both religious and economic You better believe what I believe, or else One has a right to hold on to an irrational worldview as much as one has a right to be ignorant

  • Kashish am 29.01.2015 um 20:13 Uhr

    Dear Afshin,Thanks again.Dear Nargess,I had sent many posts you at past .they were nice power point files .the files were interesting for me and I dedceid to send them for you too . I hope the files be nice for you .I will be glad if you sometimes send me programs similar to those if you have .Best Regards,Abbas.

  • Ahmad am 02.05.2015 um 3:05 Uhr

    And Jesus adds (in Mt. 7:24-27) that the wise one is not simply the one who hears Jesus’ words, but the one who does them. It is the fool who hears Jesus’ words but does not do them.

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